В жизни бывают моменты, когда следует броситься в пропасть, чтобы наконец-то убедиться в том, что всегда умел летать... (с)
Every morning when you open your eyes - you are between two realities: one - is our world and second - the reality of dream. I can remember a few times when these two spaces mixed together and it was really hard to understand where I was.
Our dreams are more than just pictures, for me it's another way to relax or entertain. In dreams we can do anything, be whoever we want and that seems normal and right. To return a few centuries ago and become a crusader or knight, to see the future life and our completely automated world, to travel to favorite countries or galaxies or to live a life of modern celebrity or criminal authority. That is the reason why I can sometimes love dreams more than a common life. I cannot boast that I can manage or rule my dreams but still they are really bright and often pleasant...
That is the reason why in so many cases we do not wand to wake up and try to prolong the dream. Our night fantasies can give us more than the best psychologist ever, in them we estimate, analyze, process the information that we weren't able to do during daytime.
It is said that dreams last a few minutes that become hours. A few minutes that can change us, our world and our perception of things.
We are what we dream of...
And every night when falling asleep I wish...

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